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Finance Services

China Construction Bank Leverages RapidsDB to Realize A Real-Time Customer-Centric Financial Institution

Financial Services


  • The current database management system creates performance bottlenecks to process large datasets in real time.
  • The “market-oriented, customer-centric” business strategy requires an integration of internal and external data to have a holistic customer view.
  • The online and mobile users want to access their data at any time from anywhere and get their queries responded instantly.
  • Open-source software lacks professional enterprise-level support.

Solution Highlights

  • In-memory database for high performance and concurrency
  • Distributed and MPP architecture for high scalability and availability
  • Dynamic query optimization for unmatched query performance
  • Federation for heterogenous data integration across multiple sources
  • AI-in-database for intelligent data analytics
  • Enterprise support to ensure reliability


  • RapisDB accelerates queries on PB-level massive data more than 100x faster than the traditional data warehouse.
  • China Construction Bank (CCB) is able to perform multi-dimensional analysis on a holistic view of customer data to deliver personalized products and services.
  • The semantic layer of RapidsDB supports fast and secure self-service to improve the user experience.
  • CCB customer service agents are able to leverage live data integration to respond to ad hoc queries in real time.
  • Faster and more intelligent insights empower CCB to forecast and manage risks and prevent fraudulent activities.
  • The seamless integration with the existing ecosystem provides simplicity and agility while keeping the cost down.
  • No vendor lock-in to future-proof the unified big data analytics platform and truly monetize the value of data.