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Smart Port

Smart Port

Project Objectives

  • To build an automatic autonomous vehicle (AV) dispatching system and improve equipment turnover efficiency
  • To connect information across different systems to be able to trace and locate abnormal AV operation in real time
  • To process large volumes of sensor data in real time and improve operational efficiency and optimize port services

System Highlights

  • Established the world’s first smart port that computes and analyzes AV data and detects abnormalities in real time
  • Accelerated the responding speed of the AV dispatching system by 20 times
  • Successfully implemented the RapidsDB streaming database and multi-source heterogenous data query engine to leverage real-time sensor data to dispatch AV automatically


  • Improved port operational efficiency and resource utilization rate, greatly reducing the queuing time of container trucks
  • Improved customer satisfaction and enhanced the competitive advantage of the smart port
  • Improved the operations management capability of the port management company